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Episode 7 | Shana Anderson-Nute

Current situation: I am a work-at-home-mom and it's summer break. After posting a question on the #BWOPpod Instagram asking what our biggest challenge is as women in the promotional products industry, Shana replied with an answer that hit home for me personally. And, I have a feeling you can relate.

Episode 7 of the #BWOPpod features someone I am proud to call friend. She is caring, creative, pure sunshine, and a total badass - Shana Anderson-Nute.

Listen in. Can you relate? Share some like love. Have something to share about how you make it all work? Please comment and share your secrets to success. Your success story could be a page in someone else's survival guide. Are you losing your ever-loving mind and just need a hug? Let us know. Whatever you're going through, just remember that you're not alone, you're a total badass, and we've got you.

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