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Fight or Flight? You Decide.

Inspired by Meg Erber, S&S Activewear

"Everyone is going to die and no one is going to remember you... SO F--K IT."

These words were written by Meg Erber, Territory Manager for S&S Activewear and co-host of leading industry podcast Promo Insider, right before she jumped out of a plane at 10,000 feet; a last-minute, first-time skydiving adventure she agreed to go on completely on a whimb. The following words captioned the above photo recently posted on Meg's Facebook page, and we loved everything about this so much, we just had to share it:

"I have two tangible fears: sharks and cliffs; cliffs being backed by the core fear of falling off the side of a mountain (super specific fear, I know). As a child, I would go with my dad to drop my older brothers off at their moms, and there was a hill going down to the lake from the front of their house, and I used to have full blown anxiety attacks when he would back up out of the driveway. I'm not sure what happened to me in a past life, but damn it must have been traumatic. I don't even think that hill was steep enough to roll a pebble down.

Looking back, I'm super thankful I didn't tell my family I was going skydiving on this day back in 2013, or they would have talked me out of it.

For most of us, fear in all of it's forms, from slight hesitations to debilitating anxieties, is so present that it feels normal. But it holds us back - it keeps us from evolving. Fear is powerful enough to keep us from achieving our goals and living our best lives, both personally and professionally. It feeds on being stagnant and it keeps us from taking advantage of opportunities. We've all been there. Many people are living in self-made prisons of their own fears, myself included. A life lived without fear is not only something we all deserve, it is something that is completely possible for each of us; without exception.

I keep trying to face my fear of sharks, but no matter how many times I put myself back into bottomless water, or let's be honest -in any water past my knees - I distinctly remember that shark's eye ball as he swam past me through coral reef on a vacation in The Keys, and I vividly remember the instantaneous feeling of knowing that I was his dinner if he wanted me to be. I keep trying, though! Because let's be honest, I wouldn't put punching a shark in the face past me."

What are your sharks and cliffs? The things that are holding you back from stepping into your greatness? And once you acknowledge and accept what they are, what are you going to do about it?

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