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Episode 24 | Sylvia Farbstein, Small Miracles

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Sylvia's whole life changed when her young son, Brandon, was diagnosed with a rare form of dwarfism called metatropic dysplasia at the age of two years old. And, in a moment of serendipity, her life - and Brandon's too - changed again while walking the aisles of a promotional products tradeshow

Listen in as Sylvia talks with us about the power of promo, how one conversation can have a profound impact on someone's life, the importance of not allowing our circumstance to dictate our future, and so, so much more.

In a true tale of overcoming, this episode of the podcast shares the story of one incredibly strong young man and his badass promo mom. Hot off the press, it's Episode 24 of the Badass Woman of Promo, Sylvia Farbstein!


The Badass Women of Promo Podcast a.k.a. the #BWOPpod was created to spotlight the powerhouse women of the 25 billion dollar promotional products industry, highlight their achievements, provide a platform for their voices be heard and their ideas be shared. Are you a woman in promo? If you haven't done it already, it's time for you to #findyourinnerbadass. Welcome to the #BWOPpod!

Big thanks to our friends and sponsors, commonsku, Allmade Apparel, CoasterStone Custom, and KeepSake Box. To show your appreciation for their support of both the Badass Women of Promo podcast, and badass women of promo in general, we would love for you to please follow them on social media and support them when and where you can.

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