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Episode 15 | Dana Geiger, PPAI

"If I'm winning at home, I'm winning at home. If I'm winning at work, I'm winning at work. The balance for me is figuring out where I'm going to win - on the work front, or on the home front."

From working with the Alzheimer's Association, becoming an ED for a regional association, to becoming the Director of Regional Relations for PPAI, Dana Geiger is one of the hardest working women in promo. Additionally, she is a wife, a mom, and an all around great person.

Listen in and learn about Dana, regional associations, balancing work, travel, and home life, and more.


The Badass Women of Promo Podcast a.k.a. the #BWOPpod was created to spotlight the powerhouse women of the 25 billion dollar promotional products industry, highlight their achievements, provide a platform for their voices be heard and their ideas be shared. Are you a woman in promo? If you haven't done it already, it's time for you to #findyourinnerbadass. Welcome to the #BWOPpod!

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Lisa Ratteree Bibb
Lisa Ratteree Bibb
Dec 18, 2019

what I wanna know is, how you managed to pin her down for 15 mins?!

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