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Episode 4 - Tiffany Tarr, Distributor Central

Updated: May 16, 2019

"Not you. Not today. You're better than that! And here's why . . . "

Episode 4 of the Badass Women of Promo is waiting for you! Listen in and let us know what you think about the following questions:

- What are the unique challenges facing women in promo professionally and what steps should we take to overcome them?

- What unique challenges are facing professional women in general?

. . . and more.

Tiffany is the Vice President of industry technology service provider, Distributor Central. In this candid episode Tiffany digs into her history, shares what brought her to promo, shares her answers to the questions above, and tells us who she considers a badass woman of promo and why. Her answer might surprise you!

It's the #BWOPpod, episode 4 with Tiffany Tarr. It's about to get real . . . Get it!


Big thanks to our friends and sponsors, commonsku. Please find them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @commonsku, like and follow, and to show your appreciation for their support of both the Badass Women of Promo podcast, and badass women of promo in general. Thank you commonsku!

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