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Choose Aliveness

A friend posted this quote this AM. While I collect thousands of quotes, I don't post very many myself. Today, however...this hit me. Do you ever have someone say something to you that pierces your soul?

I was at an event for work a few weeks ago and someone I only kind of know made a comment to me that just dug in like a knife.

. . . And for three weeks since then I have felt like crap about myself. Do other people also think this way about me? For three weeks, one person's comment has me questioning everything I am working for and how I am going after it. And why? Because I'm good at my job? Because I stand out and am making a name for myself? Because I'm following my dreams? Because I am working my ass off to achieve my goals and it's actually happening?

Today I think I'm finally moving past it. And of course now I'm frustrated I let myself feel that for so long. How could I let one person have that much power over me? But, it is what it is and sometimes we just have to process through things.

Why am I sharing this story? I'm not sharing this for sympathy, or to get reassurance that I shouldn't feel this way. I tell you all of this because maybe you've experienced working to climb, only to have someone come along and knock you down. To myself as a reminder, and to you as someone deserving of not being afraid to go after your dreams, I say this: Whoever you are out there reading this, know. . . I want you to shine your light as bright as possible. I want you to dream bigger than anyone has ever dreamed before and reach every goal you set. I want you to find your voice and use it. Even if innovation Island is a lonely place and you constantly feel misunderstood, share your big ideas and work hard and make those big ideas a reality. Yeah, you may outshine some people. But, for every person you outshine, there are hundreds of others that you'll encourage and motivate and maybe help them start to live their dreams. What people say about you is truly more a reflection of them then it is you. Others may let their insecurities stop them from becoming everything they want to become, but you don't have to let their insecurities stop YOU from doing you. The world needs more doers, and more people who aren't afraid to act. So go get it, and know whenever you look this way, I'll always be cheering for you.

And. . . for the love of all things holy. . . if you see someone else out there going after it, please, please be the one that lifts them up - even if you don't think they need it. God only knows how many times they were knocked down and what they had to go through to just get to the point of being brave enough to put themselves out there and try.

And with that, I'm moving on.

Shine bright friends!


- C

“Choose aliveness and you will get your ass kicked. Your light will blind others. Your darkness will make you not fit in. Your success will disappoint. Your ways of healing and revealing will be critically judged. Your enemies will want you to cower. And fear will do its best to take you down. So draw a circle around yourself and keep opening up. Because aliveness is freedom. It’s taking the risk to bypass what’s mediocre and ordinary. And it is exactly what this world aches for right now” - Tanya Markul

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